About Kristopher Anderson

Kristopher Anderson is an Army Veteran, now 21 years old, who hoped for a long career in the military. Early on, Kris encountered a permanent injury in basic training, he came back to Ohio from Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and began to re-evaluate his future, how else to serve his country.

After a year in private security, and a season of tax preparation, he saw enough to know that Akronites need an elected official who isn't there for the money, for the life-long career, but there to truly serve the people.

Kristopher Anderson has attended at least 100 community events in the last year, donated to a variety of charities, continues to do so, and is in leadership within a local conservative youth organization at the University of Akron.

That is just a few of the things he is involved in.

Economic Opportunity

Kristopher Anderson will work to affect real positive change through Better communication, Tax climate changes, regulatory environment changes, labor law modernization and workforce development.

Kristopher is PRO- UNION and understand the importance of both maintaining and strengthening the relationships between workers, unions, and businesses.

Kris has a real desire to better the economic condition of all Akronites. He knows and understands through attending ward meetings and city council meetings that minority populations are historically REDLINED from due economic assistance. He will fight for all Akronites.

Better Representation

Kristopher Anderson has made a real commitment to do the following in regards to seriously increasing representation for the people of Akron:

Monthly Town-hall.

Monthly Newsletter.

Office Hours by Appointment .

Attend Two City Ward Meetings A month.

And respond to phone/email communications within 48 hours.